Red Cabbage Ragù Recipe (2024)



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I make roasted cabbage on a sheet pan with no stick foil. It takes about 40 minutes at 400degrees. It turns out perfectly and uses a lot less oil. Sauté the tomato paste garlic and pepper flakes and add the roasted cabbage.


I tried this and it was delicious. I used maple syrup as I had no sugar. I also used a cup of Pinot (why not?) The tomatoes have a huge effect but I would not know there was tomato in there if I did not cook it myself. A bit jammy, really good. I will definitely make this one again! I served with roasted potatoes instead of pasta. Yum!


Being from an Italian family, I didn't see a need for sugar. Nice yummy dish. Would love to add delivered sundried tomatoes next time to beef up the umami flavor. Crushed fennel seeds would be great in this dish.

Purple Girl

No but if you are avoiding them, you could sub broth for the wine (maybe add a TBSP of balsamic vinegar) and use a different sweetener (Splenda or honey). The sugar, although minimal, really helps to balance the acid from the tomato paste and smooth out the flavor. Or try some finely grated carrot (about 1-2 Tbsp early in the recipe).


Two changes made this a keeper for us: Instead of sugar I finished the cabbage mix with 1T balsamic vinegar. Also since we are gluten free, I served the cabbage over NYT creamy vegan polenta. Really yummy!

Bonnie Furlong

It's the first recipe I've seen in the past three weeks that I wanted to know more about. And actually try. I love cabbage, every which way there is. Good idea about the potatoes.

Lydia Sugarman

Does using green cabbage make a big difference? Or, is red cabbage critical to the dish?


Has anyone tried this without the wine and without the sugar?

Casper Pike

The sweetness of the cabbage, reduced tomato paste/wine and what some people say is excessive olive oil turn this a gutsy filling dish... No Meat Required.The parsley/garlic/red pepper flakes topping is an important finish.


I was happy with how this turned out but felt it was a tad too sweet, so I’ll omit the sugar next time. I think I’ll also add a few anchovy filets along with the tomato paste and garlic (a la Alison Roman’s shallot pasta).


This recipe had a lovely flavor and I'll make it again. Don't use extra-virgin olive oil. When searing the cabbage it gets too hot and smokes up the place (not to mention burn stains in the pain). Regular olive oil should work fine. I kept having to run around and open windows to keep the fire alarms from going off. I'd also cook the garlic a little before adding the tomato paste.


Tasty, makes MASS quantities. Swap sugar for balsamic vinegar and double the amount. Up the wine to 1/2 cup and up the garlic, too. Plenty salt and pepper at the end, with grated parm. Don't skip the garlic/parsley/chili flake garnish. Just barely fits in big Le Creuset.

Leslee Paul

If you want to avoid adding sugar to this recipe, my go to sweetener for any cabbage dish is some form of apple- some peeled chopped up, some apple sauce or some apple juice.


This came out great. I do agree with many folks that the sugar is uneccesary. If you brown the cabbage well and sweat your onions enough and caramelize the tomato paste properly, there is a lot of sweetness. I added capers when the parsley went in which added a nice salty/smokiness. I also think you could add fried, chopped capers in with the gremolata (parsley/garlic/chili flake mix) for some umami and crunch


I used vegetable stock instead of Wine. Sugar here brings very subtle sweetness but sure you can leave it out.


I found this dish had very little flavor. I wouldn't make it again.


Really good! Nice to find a comforting and filling vegetarian meal. Followed other commenters and skipped the sugar, added some oyster sauce with the parsley and cooked cabbage - anchovies would be have been great too. Makes plenty for dinner and lunch leftovers for 2 people!


Great flavor!! I used half the amount of pasta it called for, would do that again. I also roasted the cabbage in the oven the day before. In reading the comments, I added about 1 tsp of crushed fennel and a couple of chopped anchovies to the onion (used 1T oil for the onions), and added 1 T balsamic vinegar at the end instead of sugar. I used the full 5 min for the tomato paste, making sure it got good and caramelized. Served with a couple of fried eggs on top.


I thought this was…fine. I left out the sugar at first, but added it back in and found it better. Also benefited from a dollop of goat cheese. I usually find NYT recipes make 3 dinner servings, this was more like 5.


Followed the recipe. One note, tasting the cabbage as it cooked. The topping made it sing! I might add stitch of smoked paprika next time around.


My 5 and 7 year old gave this recipe 5 stars! I prepared it as stated- be sure to season with salt throughout. I found it needed a good amount.


I also strongly advise cutting up the cabbage to ~1 inch cubes and toasting them in the oven at 400F, and then cook the onions, etc at the same time. Way most char on the cabbage, less mess, and more efficient use of time! I also like to add a few anchovies or a 1/2-1 tbsp of miso to the onion/tomato paste mixture to give the sauce additional depth :)


Really nice and hearty recipe. Didn’t have parsley and so made it with thyme instead, tasted great. Also topped it with a bit of Parmesan.


Why not chop the cabbage and then roast it? Seems like this makes it possible to get it all done in one or two portions. Do I miss the reason to do it in wedge-form? Thanks for a hint!


This was okay, but not worth repeating. Good use of left over cabbage. Roasted cabbage 40 minutes at 400F instead of pan searing and it came out well.


This makes a lot. It serves 6 or maybe even 8. There was a red cabbage in my CSA box, as I would never buy a red cabbage head. I don't usually like red cabbage, but found this dish tasty. It's worth a try for red cabbage haters. Used the wine, balsamic vinegar and no sugar.


Made exactly as suggested but omitted the sugar . Was delicious! The cabbage turns out so glossy and moorish !

David H

Made this during a snow storm. Delicious! Only change I made was swapping out the parsley for basil because that's my preference. The recipe does take longer to make then you would think, especially the searing of the cabbage and all the chopping. But it's very satisfying on a cold winter night.


Delicious with a few notes:- upped the wine / garlic / onion / chili flake amounts. always necessary with NYT recipes- skipped the sugar, used balsamic glaze as one person suggested. good call- used a combination of fresh cherry tomatoes and tomato paste to brighten up the sauce a bit- the garlic + parsley finish is critical. Do not fear the hint of raw garlic. It is necessary- Added ~ 3/4 cup grated parm and finished the dish with a stonking knob of butter. Both critical imo


How is this so good??? I followed it as close as I could and it was perfect. I suggest using orange or white wine. It’s nice & subtle. Also I added toasted walnuts right before covering and simmering to get some protein in there and it did so much for the flavor. Don’t skip the raw garlic/parsley garnish—it’s surprisingly perfect (I am usually put off by raw garlic). Also added parm at the end because i need cheese on pasta.

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Red Cabbage Ragù Recipe (2024)


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