Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (2024)

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Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (1)

  • "Perfect Match" season two stars Dom Gabriel and Harry Jowsey.
  • The two were caught in drama last year involving"Perfect Match" star Georgia Hassarati.
  • Here's a brief timeline detailing exactly what happened between the three Netflix stars.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (2)

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Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (3)

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Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (4)


"Perfect Match" season two stars Dom Gabriel and Harry Jowsey are friends despite previous drama involving their costar (and mutual ex-girlfriend) Georgia Hassarati.

Gabriel rose to fame in March 2023 when he and his "Perfect Match" partner, Hassarati, won the first season of the reality crossover series. Soon after the season ended, fans discovered the pair had broken up, and that Hassarati was now dating "Too Hot To Handle" star Harry Jowsey.

In March 2023, fans accused Hassarati of cheating on Gabriel with Jowsey, creating a messy disagreement between the three stars and two other contestants from "Perfect Match." A month later, Hassarati and Jowsey broke up and accused each other of cheating.

Gabriel and Jowsey appear in "Perfect Match" season two, but they are surprisingly friends now. In episode two, they say they've already buried the hatchet and moved on.


"When there was a chance for him to approach me and talk about things and talk it out like men, he did it," Jowsey says in the second episode of "Perfect Match" season two. "And then we realized that, 'Damn, I really like this guy.'"

Here's a brief timeline of the entire drama.


Early 2022: Hassarati and Gabriel meet on "Perfect Match" season 1.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (5)

While "Perfect Match" season one didn't premiere until February 14, 2023, it was reportedly filmed almost a year before.

"Love Is Blind" alum Bartise Bowden, who also appeared on the season, said in an Instagram Q&A (shared by Zachary Reality on TikTok) that "Perfect Match" filmed in March 2022.


Sometime in mid-2022: Jowsey and Hassarati start dating.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (6)

The two met in person for the first time when Hassarati appeared on Jowsey's podcast. The episode, titled "Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey fell in love," was released in June 2022.

Sometime after filming the podcast, Hassarati and Jowsey began dating. The exact timeline is unclear, but Jowsey began posting TikTok videos with Hassarati in April 2022. (They've since been removed from his TikTok but still exist on Jowsey's Facebook page).

In another June 2022 podcast episode, Jowsey said he and Hassarati had spent every day together since she came into the podcast studio.

At this point, it wasn't public knowledge that Hassarati had filmed "Perfect Match" and formed a relationship with Gabriel on it.

Jowsey and Hassarati broke up multiple times in the following months, seemingly for good in December 2022, when he told E! News "I'm staying single until I'm 28."

But by February 2023, Jowsey and Hassarati were back together, sharing pictures and videos on social media and teasing their relationship on Valentine's Day.


February 2023: The "Perfect Match" finale airs, revealing Gabriel and Hassarati won the season as a couple — but they immediately reveal they've already broken up.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (7)

After months of news about Hassarati's rollercoaster relationship with Jowsey, fans were surprised when Netflix announced Hassarati as a cast member on its new dating show, "Perfect Match" in January 2023.

During the season, Gabriel first pairs up with Francesca Farago, who previously appeared in "Too Hot To Handle" season one and also dated Jowsey in the past. In episode five, Farago dumps Gabriel for another contestant, and he reluctantly couples up with Hassarati.

The pair build a strong relationship and end up winning the season together. But Hassarati and Gabriel told Business Insider ahead of the "Perfect Match" season one premiere that they broke up after the show wrapped to focus on their respective careers.

At the time, the break-up seemed very amicable.

"My relationship with Dom is really good now," Hassarati said. "We're not together, unfortunately, but we're both super focused on ourselves and I'm just focused on starting my brand and my career and he's doing the same. So we're in a good place."

Gabriel said distance was also a major factor in their split.

"I think we both just kind of said, 'Let's kind of focus on ourselves and if we come together in the future and it's meant to be then, you know, it's meant to be,'" Gabriel said.


March 2023: Things between Hassarati and Gabriel get nasty.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (8)

A few days after the "Perfect Match" season one finale premiered on February 28, 2023, Netflix published a "Where Are They Now?" video for the cast on YouTube.

In the video, Gabriel said that his relationship with Hassarati ended before they got to experience the show's prize, a one-week vacation. Gabriel blamed the breakup on Hassarati's appearance on Jowsey's podcast.

"We were together and she had to go do a certain podcast. The podcast came out and the title of the podcast was 'Georgia and Harry Jowsey Fall in Love.' Yeah, I would say I was blindsided," Gabriel said.

This comment sparked an argument between Hassarati and Gabriel over Instagram as fans began accusing the "Too Hot To Handle" star of cheating.

In an Instagram story post, later shared by Gabriel on TikTok, Hassarati denied this, saying she had no control over the podcast title. In turn, she accused Gabriel of cheating on her with Ines Tazi, another "Perfect Match" contestant who Gabriel was close to on the show.

"You conveniently left out that you were at dinner with Ines that night and I actually got back to our hotel before you did, didn't mention you two were in contact continuously post show either?" Hassarati wrote. "And are dating now? Some would say I made the right choice to end things."

Hassarati also questioned why Gabriel hadn't brought up his problem with her after they had broken up or when they saw each other to film the "Where Are They Now"?" video. Hassarati suggested that Farago had manipulated Gabriel to antagonize Hassarati for attention.

Gabriel responded with his own Instagram Story where he shared screenshots of messages with Hassarati. In the posts, which were also shared in the same TikTok post, Gabriel denied dating Tazi, saying he was at a group dinner with her, fellow "Perfect Match" star Zay Wilson, and producers. (Tazi separately denied dating Gabriel.) He also said Hassarati ghosted him and didn't end their relationship on good terms.

"You only messaged me to talk about the prize money. Which is why I stopped replying. I hung out with Francesca because instead of ghosting me after the show. She actually reached out and apologized to me," Gabriel wrote.

Gabriel added that he didn't reach out because he didn't think he needed "clarification" about their situation after watching Jowsey's podcast and seeing Jowsey and Hassarati at Coachella together.

"Not happy how this all ended, but I'm sick of people talking about me and spinning narratives and not just taking accountability," Gabriel said.


March 2023: Hassarati says she's a "depressed mess" after the cheating controversy.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (9)

A week later, Hassarati appeared on "The Viall Files" podcast to address the controversy, saying she regrets publicly arguing with Gabriel.

"I acted out of emotion and I shouldn't have," Hassarati said. "The wait to speak on this podcast has been so hard for me because I can't go online, I can't talk, I can't go outside, I'm a depressed mess. It's so sad because I haven't even been able to give my side of the story."

Hassarati said she and Gabriel argued the same night they filmed the "Perfect Match" season one finale because she believed Gabriel lied about Tazi's feelings for him. Hassarati said they broke up that night but kept in touch.

She added that their relationship naturally ended the same day she filmed her episode on Jowsey's podcast.

"It's just so unfortunate because it didn't go that way, and we were both not happy the whole amount of time that we spent together, and things were coming to an end," Hassarati said.


March 2023: Farago calls Hassarati a liar.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (10)

On "The Viall Files" podcast, Hassarati attacked Farago and claimed the "Perfect Match" rival has a personal vendetta against her.

Hassarati claimed Farago told her to pair up with Gabriel while filming "Perfect Match" season one to get Chase DeMoor, another contestant, off the show.

When a clip of this accusation was posted on TikTok, Farago wrote in the comment section: "Lol this didn't happen but ok."

Hassarati said Farago then switched up on her and tried to re-film one of her dates with Gabriel to win him back.

"She would take him outside for five hours and ask to reshoot scenes from their first date to re-spark those emotions so that she could hopefully get Dom back off me and leave me without a match in the house, and inevitably get me kicked off the show," Hassarati said.

Hassarati also said Farago was pushing the "narrative" that she cheated on Dom with Jowsey.

Farago denied this in a since-deleted response video shared on TikTok.

"This is the craziest sh*t I've ever heard in my entire life," Farago said. "The lies are insane. They just keep piling up. Just address it. Take accountability for being wrong and f*cking up and leave me out of it. I'm definitely not an angel either but none of that's f*cking true."

Farago also asked Hassarati to address the rumors that she slept with Jowsey the day she appeared on his podcast. Hassarati denied this on "The Viall Files" podcast.


April 2023: Meanwhile, Hassarati and Jowsey break up for good.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (11)

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

In April 2023, Jowsey posted a Snapchat story stating that he had broken up with Hassarati. The clip was later shared on TikTok.

Hassarati confirmed they had broken up during an interview with Cosmopolitan Middle East published in June.

"It's only recent but I'm very happy," Hassarati said of being single.

"I'm very good at heartbreak now," she said. "I've had my fair share of experiences as you know! But I'm good at picking myself up quickly and not engaging with the drama online."


July to August 2023: Hassarati and Jowsey accuse each other of cheating.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (12)

Jowsey appeared on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast in a July 2023 episode and insinuated that Hassarati had "kinda" cheated on him.

"I think when they start to take a fancy for other guys while you're in a relationship, that tends to like... that will really set you over that line,"Jowsey said when host Alex Cooper asked how he and his ex knew they weren't right for each other.

"You have a boyfriend — youshouldn't be, like, bouncing on that guy," he added.

Jowsey, who admitted he was messaging other women before he and Hasserati were official but was otherwise "such an angel" throughout their relationship, didn't name his ex, but most listeners assumed it was Hassarati. She took to TikTok later that month to respond in a three-part series of videos.

In the videos, she recalled how Jowsey had accused her of cheating on him while she was at Coachella in April for work and asked her for "constant updates" to prove she wasn't. She obliged but after that incident, she says, he broke up with her, saying he had a "gut feeling" she'd cheated.

Hassarati claimed that Jowsey was now accusing her of cheating on him because he was upset that she wasn't trying to reconcile and had quickly moved on from the relationship. She also said it was actually Jowsey who had cheated on her "many, many times" and that he was projecting because he's "so sad and full of guilt."

"He has to flip the blame on someone else," Hassarati said. "He was the biggest mistake to my character, to my image, to everything."

In August, Jowsey posted a Notes App statement on his private secondary Instagram account, calling Hassarati's claims a "misinformation campaign."

"I'm not going to draw even more attention to completely invalid claims by continuing to discuss them," he wrote. "But I have endless receipts that prove and support what I have always said to be true."

"I wish only peace and happiness for this person and hope they'd want the same," he continued. "This is the last time I will be discussing this matter."

Hassarati later went on Sofia Franklyn's podcast "Sofia With An F" to discuss their split in depth and even shared Jowsey's breakup letter.


July 2023: Meanwhile, Jowsey appears on Gabriel's podcast.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (13)

In July, Jowsey and Gabriel revealed they had buried the hatchet when the "Too Hot To Handle" star appeared on Gabriel's podcast, "Dom Meets World."

Gabriel explained that he saw Jowsey at an event in May 2023 and approached him to squash the beef.

"We immediately hit it off, had a really mature healthy conversation, got to work out," Gabriel said in the episode. "We've been having constant communication ever since."

At the beginning of the episode, Gabriel clarified that Jowsey's appearance on the podcast was not meant to be "malicious" toward anyone.

"We're just literally having fun and just kind of laughing at our own pain," he said.

In the episode, the two also hinted at their future on "Perfect Match" season two.

"I would honestly only do another dating reality show if me and you were on it," Gabriel said. "I think it would be f-cking hilarious."


Late 2023: Jowsey and Gabriel film "Perfect Match" season two together.

Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (14)

After winning season one, Gabriel returns to "Perfect Match" for a second chance at love with a new cast.

Jowsey is also part of the season two cast and is one of the first arrivals. In episode one, Jowsey couples up with Elys Hutchinson, the winner of "Too Hot To Handle" season five, and they win the first couples challenge.

When they are brought to the secret boardroom to pick two new men to bring into the house, they discover Gabriel is on the list.

Jowsey is initially nervous about bringing Gabriel into the house, and a note explains that Jowsey slept with Gabriel's ex, referring to Hassarati. But he eventually agrees to bring him in.

When they see each other for the first time in episode two, they start joking around, and there's no tension between them.

In the confessional interview, Jowsey explains that the pair had buried the hatchet, and he wants to help Gabriel find another partner.

"I wanna watch him fall in love and find someone who doesn't cheat on him with me," Jowsey says before laughing.

Hassarati, meanwhile, is now dating Jesse Baer, an entrepreneur who founded the clothing brand Change of Heart.

The next three episodes of "Perfect Match" season two will be released June 14 on Netflix.

Disclosure: Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, is a Netflix board member.

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Unpacking the complicated history between 'Perfect Match' stars Dom, Harry, and Georgia (2024)


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