Where to buy solar eclipse glasses near me? Some locations may still have glasses for last-minute eclipse watchers (2024)

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Today's the day when the moon's shadow will (partially) blot out the sun for millions of Floridians, and some of them may still be scrambling for eclipse glasses so they can safely look at it without frying their eyes. Where can you still find them?

You may have to call around, or do some driving. Many retail locations have been selling solar eclipse glasses this year and some places have been giving them away, but availability is "while supplies last" and that will be different for every place.

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Where can I find eclipse glasses?

Here are some places to check. Remember, some may have sold out, and not all locations may have been carrying them. Make sure any eclipse glasses you buy are legitimate and include an ISO rating, an ISO number and an address, avoid any that say "NASA Approved," and test them before you look up.

7-Eleven, Buc-ee's, Circle K and more

You may not have to go farther than the end of your street. Many convenience stores and gas stations have been carrying eclipse glasses and may still have some in stock.

Eclipse glasses have been spotted at 7-Eleven, Circle K, and Buc-ee's locations and many individual stores may have jumped on the opportunity.

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Big chain stores such as Walmart, Lowes

Walmart has offered a wide variety of eclipse glasses in different styles, so has Target. However, all of the glasses on their websites are shipping only which will be a little late, so check your local store for availability.

Some other places where eclipse glasses have been spotted:

Does Publix have eclipse glasses?

No, Publix did not carry eclipse glasses this year, according to a local customer service rep.

Warby Parker, Sonic offering free eclipse glasses

Prescription eyeglasses retailer Warby Parker began handing out free eclipse glasses at their locations on April 1 so definitely call first.

Sonic Drive-in locations are offering free eclipse glasses with the purchase of their new Blackout Sonic Float.

Does Amazon offer same-day delivery of eclipse glasses?

Online stores are great for fast service, but you may want to give it a miss this time. The American Astronomical Society (AAS) does not recommend buying eclipse glasses online due to the number of counterfeit, unsafe glasses that have hit the market this year.

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Do I need to wear solar eclipse glasses?

If you plan to look directly at the sun, yes. Even a brief glance may cause temporary or permanent damage to your eyes and eyesight.

"Do NOT look at the Sun through a camera lens, telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device while wearing eclipse glasses or using a handheld solar viewer," NASA advises. "The concentrated solar rays will burn through the filter and cause serious eye injury."

How can I tell if my eclipse glasses are legitimate?

If you didn't buy your eclipse glasses directly from one of the vetted venders on the AAS list or a trusted source, check the text on the glasses for theISO 12312-2 standard listing and the address of the company. But these can be copied.

Don't trust any glasses that say they are NASA Approved. NASA doesn't do that.

Test your glasses first by putting them on inside and looking at a strong light source. You shouldn't be able to see anything, according to the AAS, although very bright lights may show up but would be very faint.

Go outside, put them on, and look at sunlight reflections or glance at the sun very quickly. You shouldn't see anything around you and the sun should appear to be a "sharp-edged, round disk" that's comfortably bright.

Can I watch the eclipse without looking at it?

Yes! If you don't manage to get glasses in time, there are several ways to see the eclipse that won't risk your eyes with items you probably have around the home.

Anything with a round hole in it can be held up to cast an image of the eclipse onto the ground or a sheet of white paper. Pinhole projectors, colanders, a slotted spoon, a Ritz cracker, even lacing your fingers together.

Or you can look under a tree. The sun shining through tree leaves and branches creates its own pinhole projector, casting lots of little crescent-moon shapes on the ground.

What time is the eclipse in Florida?

The eclipse will last roughly 2½ hours in Florida, starting around 1:40 p.m. EDT and ending around 4:17 EDT. The time of maximum coverage will be just before 3 p.m. EDT for most of the state.

You can find eclipse times for your ZIP code on the map below, just tap your location:

Where to buy solar eclipse glasses near me? Some locations may still have glasses for last-minute eclipse watchers (2024)


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